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    Some people find the very nature of how we do Crü to be somewhat difficult to grasp. That is very understandable. Other people have felt this way. Here is an attempt to explain what some call the unexplainable.  Let’s try to answer some questions.


What is Crü?

    Simply put, Crü is a group of people who come together for a common good. Crü is like community service. People come together, work together, and there is a benefit for others. As with community service, everyone works towards a common goal. In this practice, we leave a certain amount of ego behind. As Crü, we are not often applauded individually, but we understand that when there is applause, it includes an appreciation for our efforts. We understand that with applause, the world becomes a little more appreciative – a little better. Ironically, we are at our best when we go unnoticed.

“Crüism evolved from “The Tao of Crü.” It can be hard to nail down. Nonetheless, it is “The Way” or “The Path.” So, it is a road map of behavior that attempts to lead to expertise, understanding and a way of existing in our little part of the world.

The Crü member is called “Crü” singularly and plurally. They come to Crü on their own terms and in their own time. A Crü comes for as much or as little time as is available.

It was once said, “If can, can.” This means that if you can come to Crü, you can become Crü. You have the potential. If you can complete the tasks, you can do so. If you are, you are.

If you need to know what we do, know that we do what we do.

It is understood that this teaching can be difficult to grasp. Most people desire very concrete definitions for all the aspects of their own life. For the sake of the need for concrete definitions, Crü is definable. When needed, we define ourselves by the times we spend together, the featured food, the show title, the job titles and the names on the roster. On the other hand, those things do not define the totality of Crü – nor do they limit what we can be.

To feel the Taoism in Crüism, one can start within themselves. Here are three easy starting steps to learning this:

  1. Don’t concentrate on the definition of the Crü – this understanding will come naturally. If you think you finally have hold of a solid definition of Crü, your definition is suspect.
  2. Try to feel what Crü really is. Crüism is more than just a “philosophy” or a “religion”. Crüism should be understood as being: A system of belief, attitudes, and practices set towards the service and living to a person’s own nature. You were probably already Crü in your soul before you ever found Crü.
  3. The path of understanding Crüism is simply accepting you as you are. You can live life and discover who you are as you serve the shows as they come. Your nature is ever changing and is always the same. Don’t try to resolve the various contradictions in life, instead, you can try to learn acceptance of your nature.
  4. Know that you do not know – you cannot know everything. The Podarexists, and yet not. It is not because you can not find it while on Crü. No Crü will be told the truth of the Podar until their time is past. Of course, after that, they will never cease being Crü. Even in finding the Podar, there is still Crü.


What is the path?

    We use the three A’s to illustrate the way.

The Three “A’s” are Availability, Affability, and Ability.

1 – Availability – Physical and mental availability. Come to Crü and, “Bring your best self to Crü.” Ram Das said, “Be here now.” Ram is Jewish born Hindu. You can be what you are.

2 – Affability – You need to get along with the other Crü people – and everyone else – as much as possible. Crüism requires that we use very good teamwork. You will want to bring your best personality to Crü. Crü requires that we have the ‘A’ team to be ready to go.

3 – Ability – By paying attention to your mentors you can advance. Each person who has spent time in Crü, practices good Crü, and has gotten along with others should be able to learn what they need to know to realize Crü.


What if this is too much for me to grasp?

     You have a choice. One choice is to reject Crü. You are welcome to do this. You can accept or you can reject. That is your choice – everyday, any moment. We call that “existential choice.” Of course, you can always return to Crü when you are ready. If this is painful for you, someone is making you participate, or you are afraid, it is OK. Crü supports you as you walk your own path.

     Of course, you can always return to Crü when you are ready. If this is painful for you, or if someone is making you participate, or if you are afraid, it is OK. Crü supports you as you walk your own path.


What if I just want to come to the parties, hang out backstage or just eat the food?

    We are very sorry, these options are not available to those who reject the “show face” aspect of Crü.


“Show Face?” What?

    Yes, when you are available – the first A – we literally see your face. We see you on Saturdays. We see you at meetings. We also see you heping on the many events we hold. When you are Crü, you will have shown your face. “Show Face” is part of the first A.


What if I am just not a people person?

  That depends on what you mean by “not a people person.” The second A still holds for everyone. You must be affable. Crü needs to like having you around. It is part of acceptance. This is a real “life lesson.” If you can’t make an effort to be nice to be around for all of Crü, Crü is probably not for you. Don’t worry, there are many activities you can do solo. Go play! Be there now.

If you have made it this far, we appreciate your tenacity. That will help. You now possess the basic information for the understanding of Crüism. In life, there is reverence and respect.  One of these concepts may apply here.

Break a leg!



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